8.4.1 - In-Service Training for Staff on Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Standard:  Agency staff shall understand their role in public safety and law enforcement and relationships with law enforcement officers having jurisdiction within parks and recreation areas and facilities. The purpose of this training to ensure that staff understand where their authority ends and when an incident should be referred to law enforcement.  In-service training shall be extended to front line staff such as lifeguards and park attendants to assure they are fully prepared to respond to law-enforcement incidents. 

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide documentation of most recent in-service training for agency staff, defining their role in public safety and law enforcement, including agendas and attendance rosters

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 22 – Law Enforcement and Security, p. 614.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

It is the goal of the Park District to provide training and resources to staff to ensure a quality and safe experience for both staff and the community.  One component of this training covers policies and procedures related to public safety and law enforcement.  Because of the variety of staff, programs, parks, and facilities in the park system, aspects of training in this area are covered throughout the year in various settings.  

All staff receive a general overview of situations where police may need to be called, including specifically, Violence in the Workplace, Critical Incident Communication, and Suspicious Individuals, as part of the Orientation Presentation1 led by the HR & Safety Risk Manager. 

An in-service training2 was conducted in association with an All-Staff meeting.  This topic is also covered at specific trainings related to each area at the Park District either as its own separate training, or for seasonal operations, often as a portion of a larger training plan, including Pool Staff Training3, Ice Rink Staff Training4, Community Center Staff Training5, and Camp Staff Training6.  Additionally, the Park District conducts Lock-down Drills7 in cooperation with the Oak Park Police Department throughout the year.


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