6.5 - Participant and Spectator Code of Conduct

Standard:  The agency shall have “code of conduct” guidelines for appropriate participant and spectator conduct at programs and events, and the agency shall proactively inform and remind staff, coaches, participants and spectators about the code of conduct.

Suggested Evident of Compliance:  Provide the code of conduct for participants and spectators and describe how program participants, coaches, and spectators are informed of the code of conduct. The agency should collaborate with affiliate groups providing training for youth and coaches to inform and educate about the participant and spectator code of conduct.

DPRAC - 5.10.1 Code of Conduct

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District of Oak Park provides a code of conduct to players, parents, and coaches for our youth sports leagues.  The code is presented at coaches' training1 and emailed to all the parents of the children participating in the leagues. Additionally, the code is displayed on the Park District's youth sports league page on the website2. Parents are asked to review the information with their child and to have both sign an agreement that they will abide by the code3-4.  While adult sports league participants are much less likely to have spectators present, player and spectator code of conduct is mentioned in the league manuals5-6.

The Park District also provides the code of conduct to the affiliate organizations and asks that they distribute to their participants.  The training for the code of conduct is provided to the leadership of the affiliate groups at PACT meetings7. The code of conduct was introduced to the affiliate groups for the fall 2014 season.  The affiliate groups are asked to provide copies to their participants as well as cover it during their coach’s trainings.


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