3.4.2 - Community Relations Plan

Standard: The agency shall have an established community relations plan that identifies and addresses community needs for all segments of its service population, which is evaluated periodically for effectiveness.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide the community relations plan and latest evaluation. The community relations plan shall address the following:

  1. Community relations policies for the agency;
  2. Process and procedure for establishing contact with community organizations and other community groups;  
  3. Training needs for staff and community.

The community relations plan and marketing plan is often included in a single document.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 15 – Public Relations, Marketing, and Customer Service, pp. 375-377.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District has developed a Community Relations & Marketing Plan1 based on information from recent branding and demographic studies.  The plan references Park District administrative policies related to community relations and outlines outreach efforts by the Park District.  Additionally, it includes training provided to Park District staff as well as community members and media regarding community relations.  This plan was recently updated to include information from the Park District's 2015-2024 Comprehensive Master Plan.

The plan is evaluated using metrics tracked through the Park District's Performance Measurement Program and annual Performance Measurement Report2, which includes results related to community relations & marketing efforts.


  1. 03.04.02_Community-Relations-and-Marketing-Plan.pdf
  2. 03.04.02_2014-Community-Relations-Evaluation-in-Performance-Measurement-Report.pdf

Agency Self Assessment: MET