10.01.02 - Staff Training on how to Evaluate Programs, Services, and Facilities

Standard:  The agency shall provide training on how to evaluate programs, services and facilities for personnel involved in managing facilities and delivering programs and services.  

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide examples of recent evaluation trainings completed by the agency, including curriculum content, training dates and participant lists. Examples of training subjects could include but are not limited to qualitative and quantitative measurement, identification of applicable evaluation tools, data analysis and use of findings. 

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 23 – Evaluation and Action Research, p. 644.

The Park District provides on-going training for staff who are responsible for evaluation of programs, facilities, and services. An initial introductory training covering the use of the surveying software and performance measurement program is held for new full-time staff responsible for program or facility management as part of the Orientation Checklist1. Users of the Park District's surveying software, SurveyGizmo, all have access to videos2 and webinars3 on topics such as good survey design, software tips and tricks, advice on getting better survey responses, and analyzing and reporting on the results.  The Park District has also provided Specialized Training with SurveyGizmo4 for key staff.

Because much of the evaluation taking place at the Park District is related to the performance measurement program, an Initial MPOWER Kick-Off Training5 was offered as well as Additional MPOWER Training6 for staff covering how to  use the dashboards and apply the data.


  1. 10.01.02_Orientation-Checklist.pdf
  2. Screenshot of SurveyGizmo videos below
  3. Screenshot of SurveyGizmo webinars below
  4. 10.01.02_Specialized-Training-with-Survey-Gizmo.pdf
  5. 10.01.02_Initial-MPOWER-Kick-off-Training.pdf
  6. 10.01.02_Additional-MPOWER-Training.pdf

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