3.2.1 - Support Services

Standard: Sufficient and appropriate equipment, technology, clerical and administrative staff shall be provided to enable the professional staff to perform their appropriate functions.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance:  Describe the equipment, technology, and services used to support professional staff.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 5 – Organization Structure and Administrative Operations, pp. 90-91.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

Clerical and administrative staff play an important role in ensuring that the District operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.  The Park District's organizational chart1 highlights these staff.  Equally important to the success of the agency are the tools that staff are provided with to accomplish their tasks.

Clerical, administrative and professional staff all have access to workstations2-4 with phones, internet and e-mail access, and desktop or laptop computers, each with current Microsoft Office programs, and other software programs as needed such as registration, accounting, time-keeping, and work order software. The Park District provides office equipment for staff to use ranging from basic supplies to more specialized items such as paper cutters, laminating machines, etc.5 High-capacity all-in-one printer/scanner/fax machines6 are located at each Park District facility where business or customer service operations are housed (and are accessible outside of these facilities on the Park District's network) and smaller versions are available at all other facilities.

Documentation of Evidence:

  1. 03.20.01_Organizational-Chart-with-Support-Staff-Highlighted.pdf
  2. Photo of Customer Service Desk (below)
  3. Photo of Support Staff workstation (below)
  4. Photo of Professional Staff office (below)
  5. Photo of Office equipment (below)
  6. Photo of Office technology (below)

Agency Self Assessment: MET

Example of a Customer Service Desk for front-line customer service staff

Example of workstations for support staff

Example of an office and workstation for professional staff

Example of office equipment available to all staff

Example of office technology available to all staff