3.5.1 - Management Information Systems ★

Standard: The Agency shall have management information systems that can produce reliable statistical and data summaries of agency activities, such as daily, monthly, and annual reports for use in management decision-making. The reports shall provide comparative data and statistics.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide examples of recent statistical and data summaries and describe their use in management decision-making. 

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 14 – Information Technology Management, pp 310-313.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District has created live dashboards1 to track agency performance in a variety of areas which all full-time and year-round part-time staff have access to. The charts, graphs, and tables displayed on these dashboards are directly connected with all of the District's major software programs, including Vermont Systems (program registration, sales, and facility management), MSI (finances, accounting, and human resources), TimeClock Plus (payroll), MicroMain (maintenance work orders), SurveyGizmo (surveys), and Google Analytics (website).  This set-up allows staff to see up-to-the-minute results of performance measures in nearly all cases, allowing for much more accurate and quicker decision-making.

The charts, graphs, and tables are set up to display data in a variety of ways, including year-to-date, daily, weekly, or monthly results, depending on what is most useful for staff.  Additionally, staff have the ability to export the data from the dashboards into PDF reports and Excel spreadsheets for further analysis.  Staff review the dashboards on a regular basis on their own and at staff meetings.  Additionally, in some cases, such as with the monthly financial reports, the staff use the dashboard tables to update the Finance Manager on any accounts that are over or under 10% of the budgeted amount. 

Additionally, the software programs used by staff have their own ability to produce reports as needed.


  1. Dashboard Screenshots (below)

Agency Self Assessment: MET

This dashboard shows visits and money collected at individual Park District facilities by both daily (top chart) and monthly (bottom left chart) totals.  Additionally, staff are able to view visits and money collected for different pass and visit types on a monthly basis.

This dashboard shows total program registrations at the Park District by year, including comparisons with year-to-date registration for the prior 3 years. Additionally, staff are able to view program registrations by program area and also program type for each year.

This dashboard shows a more comprehensive view for each program area, pulling in information specific to that program area from multiple locations, include current registrations, waitlists, total registrations, and customer satisfaction scores.


This dashboard shows information for completed maintenance work orders by any date that the user would like to enter.  Users are able to see the types of work orders completed, the average time to complete, as wells that number of work orders, hours assigned, and hours worked for each staff member in that area.


This dashboard shows a variety of information regarding visits to the Park District website over any time period that the user would like to view it for.


This dashboard shows a financial report for staff to view current performance to budgets, as well as year-to-date totals in each account line.