4.4 - Chief Administrator ★

Standard: The agency shall have a chief administrator responsible to the approving authority for the management, direction, and control of the operations and administration of the agency and with authority to perform such responsibilities. The chief administrator shall be employed full-time, year-round, and be qualified by experience, education, certification, and/or training in park, recreation, leisure services, tourism, or related disciplines.  These qualifications shall be verified and demonstrated specifically as to how it is related to park and/or recreation management.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide the chief administrator position description and the resume of the current incumbent.  If she/he is from a related discipline, provide a summary of how the person’s qualifications relate to park and/or recreation management.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 17 – Human Resource Management, pp. 433-438.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District employs a highly-qualified and experienced parks and recreation professional as its Executive Director.  Jan Arnold1 has 22 years of professional experience working for park districts, government, and non-profits.  She currently holds a CPRP certification as well as a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation from Murray State University, a Master of Science in Sports Administration from Indiana University, and an MBA from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

The Executive Director is in essence the Board of Commissioner's only employee. The position of Executive Director does not have a traditional job description, but instead the commissioners have decided to include a list of responsibilities and authority with the Executive Director's contract2 to clarify the responsibilities of the Board versus those of the Executive Director.


  1. 04.04.00_Jan-Arnold-Resume.pdf
  2. 04.04.00_Executive-Director-Contract.pdf

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