4.1.7 - Supervision

Standard:  There shall be constructive and effective supervision of all personnel to help them grow professionally and improve programs and services. Supervision is an on-going and systematic process that is helpful for the well-being of the individual and agency.  Important characteristics of effective supervision are the ability to communicate expectations, delegate authority commensurate with the assigned tasks, provide feedback, and motivate. There should be supervisory processes, procedures, or tools that highlight staff orientation, staff coaching, mentoring and training, performance review, and human resource policies affecting supervision of staff such as those dealing with harassment and discipline.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide examples of processes, procedures, or tools used to assure constructive and effective employee supervision.  

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 18 – Supervision of Personnel, pp 461-484.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District of Oak Park is committed to the success of the organization and staff.  The Organizational Structure1 is designed to provide appropriate levels of supervision to staff who provide services and maintain facilities.

The Park District provides many tools to make the process of communicating information, expectations, and performance as transparent and as simple as possible. The first step includes an Orientation Presentation2 for all new staff to introduce them to the Park District and its policies, procedures, and services offered to the community, as well as for supervisors to learn more about supervisory responsibilities related to topics such as harassment.  "The Hub" is home to all of the Park District's policies, procedures, manuals, job descriptions, and other important information.  All staff have access to The Hub3 from any device with internet access and a browser and have the ability to use the easy search tool to quickly find the specific information needed.  Additionally, agency-wide staff meetings are held in order to share to disseminate important information and review expectations.  Senior leadership meetings are held twice a month, management team meetings are held once a month, and all staff meetings are held every other month.

The Park District believes that it is important for staff to receive training on leadership and supervision. The Park District has actively participated in the Illinois Park & Recreation Association's Leadership Academy with a total of 9 staff having graduated from, or are currently attending the academy since its inception in 2013.  Additionally, 2 staff have also graduated from the NRPA Supervisor's Management School at Oglebay.  The Park District has also sent many staff through PDRMA's HELP Human Resources Training and has provided its own internal training, such as the Interview Techniques Training5.

Performance evaluations are a critical part of any supervisory relationship.  The Performance Reviews Policy6 outlines the performance review requirements for all staff.

Park District policies and procedures also provide direction to supervisors and staff about expectations and personnel processes with examples such as the Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy8, Pregnancy Non-Discrimination and Accommodation Policy9, Disciplinary Actions Policy10, and Open Door Policy11.


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