1.6.1 - Administrative Policies and Procedures ★

Standard: There shall be policies and procedures, encompassing administrative aspects of the organization that are kept up-to-date, reviewed periodically, and made available to pertinent administrative and supervisory personnel.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide access to the agency policies and procedures, demonstrate how they are made available to personnel, and provide evidence of periodic review by the approving authority and administrators.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 3 - Legal Authority and Jurisdiction, pp. 43-44; Chapter 5 - Organization Structure and Administrative Operations, pp. 87-88.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District of Oak Park has a set of Park District Policies1 that is reviewed, updated, and approved2 by the Park District Board of Commissioners at least every 2 years. The last review took place in December 2014.  Additionally, the Park District has a comprehensive set of Park District Procedures3 that is reviewed as a whole every 2 years by Park District staff.  The last overall review3 occurred August-September 2013, before the procedures were copied to The Hub (hence the difference in document format).  The Hub5, the Park District's internal document management software, is where all Park District policies, procedures, and important information is stored.  Each staff member is given access to the software as part of the hiring and orientation process.  The software can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. The Park District has the ability to produce PDFs of any of the information included in The Hub if needed for offline viewing.


  1. 01.06.01_Administrative-Policies.pdf
  2. 01.06.01_Policy-Manual-Approval-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
  3. 01.06.01_Administrative-Procedures.pdf
  4. 01.06.01_Procedure-Review.pdf
  5. Screenshot of The Hub (below)

Agency Self Assessment: MET