3.6 - Records Management Policy and Procedures

Standard:  The agency shall have established policy and procedures for control, maintenance, and retention of records that are periodically reviewed.  Records management policies and procedures address retention, disposal, access, disclosure and distribution of documents, including freedom of information requests, and they must be consistent with legal requirements.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance:  Provide records management policy and procedures and a copy of the most recent review.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 14 – Information Technology Management, pp 312-313.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District complies with its Records and Data Management Policy1, Freedom of Information Act Policy2, and State of Illinois statutes, including the Illinois Local Records Act3, regarding the retention, access, and disposal of any Park District records. Additionally, the Park District has developed Procedures for Verbatim Records4, Procedures for FOIA Requests5, and Procedures for Record Retention and Destruction6.  Much of this information has been compiled into the Park District's Records Management Manual7 which was recently reviewed and updated as referenced in the Records Management Plan Review Memo8.

The Executive Assistant is the designated FOIA Representative for the Park District and is required to pass an exam9 regarding the Freedom of Information Act each year to ensure that knowledge and procedures are up-to-date.  The Park District includes information about FOIA requests and the process for the public to submit a request on its website10.  Additionally, the Park District publishes a Municipal Directory11 that includes important information regarding the Park District that includes information regarding the Park District, its operations, finances, boards and committees, and FOIA information to satisfy the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140/4) (from Ch. 116, par. 204).

Park District Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes12 are generally available on the Park District's Document Library on the website, with the most recent documents appearing automatically on the "Board of Commissioners" page of the website.

The Park District recently reviewed these policies as part of the overall policy review13 and they were re-approved by the Board of Commissioners at the December 2014 Board Meeting.


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