2.5 - Strategic Plan ★

Standard:  An agency shall have a strategic plan, approved by the approving authority, stating how the agency will achieve its mission, goals, and objectives over an extended period of time, typically three to five years.  The strategic plan shall be reviewed annually. The goals and objectives of the plan shall be measurable to demonstrate progress and results.  The strategic plan shall support the priorities and initiatives of the whole organization.  The strategic plan is a tool to implement the Parks and Recreation System Master Plan.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance:  Provide the agency's strategic plan, date of approval by approving authority, evidence of last review, and indicate progress being made in implementing the plan.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 7 – Planning for Strategic Management, pp. 114-120.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

In 2012, the District developed its 2013-2105 Strategic Plan1 which was adopted by the Board of Commissioners on December 20, 20122. The plan included goals and objectives, the status of which are monitored on a regular basis as part of the District performance measurement program3, as well as at agency leadership team meetings and annually at a board meeting4.  

  1. 02.05.00_Park-District-of-Oak-Park-Strategic-Plan.pdf
  2. 02.05.00_December-2012-Board-Meeting-Minutes.pdf
  3. Screenshot of Strategic Goals on Dashboards (below)
  4. 02.05.00_December-2013-COW-Meeting-Minutes.pdf
  5. 02.05.00_Strategic-Plan-Review-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf

Agency Self Assessment: MET

Strategic Goals Status Displayed on MPOWER