- Emergency Purchase Procedures

Standard:  There shall be established procedures for emergency purchases within the agency to secure equipment or services in a swift and efficient manner.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide the procedures for emergency purchases.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

From time to time an unexpected emergency affects the Park District of Oak Park which necessitates the need to purchase items or services that were not budgeted for or in which time is of the essence.  Park District Procedures for Emergency Purchases1 provide direction to staff on what constitutes an "emergency" as well as the how to handle purchasing to address the situation.  For example, in an emergency, staff can forgo bidding and informal quote requirements.  

The Procedures for Supplemental/Emergency Appropriations2 addresses the processes and requirements staff must take if the emergency purchase would incur more costs than budgeted in that specific line.  If the cost would not affect the overall budget, a budget transfer can be requested.  If the emergency purchase(s) incur a cost higher than what can be transferred from other budget lines, staff can get retroactive formal approval of the Board of Commissioners through a budget amendment.



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