4.2 - Staff Qualifications ★

Standard: The agency shall employ staff qualified to develop and operate programs and services in furtherance of goals and objectives. Staff shall be qualified for the positions as provided in the job descriptions and possess specified licenses and certificates.   Park and recreation personnel shall have certification and/or educational training appropriate to the position.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide job descriptions for a representative sample of key positions and resumes for the current incumbents.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 17 – Human Resource Management, p. 451.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District strives to employ well-qualified staff with the proper education and certifications to manage Park District operations.  Examples of current employees and their job descriptions and resumes include:

Position Description Staff Member's Resume
04.02.00_Director-of-Finance-Job-Description.pdf 04.02.00_Kyle-Cratty-Resume.pdf
04.02.00_Director-of-Marketing-and-Customer-Service.pdf 04.02.00_Diane-Stanke-Resume.pdf
04.02.00_Program-and-Operations-Manager-RCRC-Rehm-Job-Description.pdf 04.02.00_Mike-Lushniak-Resume.pdf
04.02.00_Project-Manager-Job-Description.pdf 04.02.00_Bobbi-Nance-Resume.pdf
04.02.00_Rink-and-Aquatics-Program-Supervisor-Job-Description.pdf 04.02.00_Kyle-Sandine-Resume.pdf

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