7.7 - Agency-Owned Equipment, Materials, Tools, and Supplies Policies and Procedures

Standard:  There shall be policies and procedures for the management of and accountability for agency-owned equipment, materials, tools, and supplies, including procedures for purchase and distribution to authorized persons, proper training of appropriate personnel in use of equipment, safe and secure storage of equipment, and maintenance of all equipment in operational readiness and working order. Such property includes supplies, materials, tools, expendable items, vehicles, installed and mobile equipment, and personal wear items used by agency personnel.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide policy and procedures regarding agency-owned equipment and property.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 11 – Physical Resource Planning, pp. 213, 217, 229, 236; Chapter 12 – Physical Resource Management, pp. 251, 253-255, 259-259, 261, 264; Chapter 13 – Management Operations, pp. 267, 277-278, 282-284, 292-293, 295-300.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District has many policies and procedures to ensure that expectations are clear for staff regarding the proper use of agency-owned equipment, materials, tools, and supplies.  

The Park District Property Policy1 outlines that Park District property may not be used by anyone for personal use. Further, it reinforces that equipment such as vehicles, desks, lockers, computers, etc., even when assigned to an employee, remains the property of the Park District and are subject to search at any time, as are any packages, bags, etc. that are carried to and from Park District premises.  It also directs staff to immediately report loss, damages, or theft of Park District property.

The Park District's Proper Dress and Appearance Policy2 indicates that the use of safety equipment and clothing may be required for certain jobs.  It also covers expectations regarding employee uniforms, nametags and other Park District logo items.  The Park District's Electronic Communication Policy3 describes expectations regarding the proper and safe use of technology, including computers, phones, software, e-mail, etc.

Safety Manual Section 9.00 - Training4 reinforces that proper training of all employees is required in the areas of safety and risk management, including orientations regarding safety and health rules, processes to report employee injuries, how to complete accident and incident reports, vehicle requirements, and reporting of unsafe conditions.

The Park District has many procedures concerning the proper use, maintenance and storage of equipment.  Examples include:

  • Procedures for Chainsaw Operation5
  • Procedures for Chipper Operation6
  • ​Procedures for Lift Truck Operation7

The Park District's Travel and Vehicle Use Policy8 states the rules employees are expected to follow when conducting Park District business, both in a Park District and in a private vehicle. Procedures for Vehicle Operation9 instruct staff on how to safely and properly operate a Park District vehicle. In order to ensure that Park District drivers have the ability to safely operate a vehicle, an annual Driver's Challenge has been created.  The Procedures for the Driver's Challenge10 explain the purpose and process to complete the Driver's Challenge.


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