7.9 - Natural Resource Management Plans and Procedures

Standard:  There shall be natural resource management plans for environmentally unique or sensitive areas such as valuable wetlands, riverbanks and woodlands and there shall be environmental protection procedures, such as for erosion control, conduct of nature studies, wildlife and habitat preservation, and protection of water supply reservoirs and water recharge areas.  Even if the agency does not own or control the natural resource, there shall be procedures to encourage and ensure environmental stewardship through volunteer steward programs and/or interpretive education and other learning opportunities.  The agency should work with other agencies to meet and promote environmentally sound maintenance and land management standards.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance:  Provide the natural resource management plan(s) and procedures and examples of outreach and education.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

DPRAC - 3.5.7 Conservation of Natural Resources

Agency Self Assessment: MET