1.2 - Periodic Timetable for Review of Documents

Standard:  All documents designated for periodic review shall be reviewed on a regular basis according to an established agency review schedule. For example, if the agency has determined that a document should be reviewed annually, the agency shall provide evidence that the document is reviewed annually and include a copy of the most recent annual review.  Several standards in the accreditation process require that adopted plans, policies and procedures be reviewed and updated at various intervals.  In those cases, the agency shall provide evidence that the document was reviewed and updates pursuant to the period specified in the standard.  

       Standards with a review requirement are:

1.4.1     Agency Goals and Objectives
1.6.1     Administrative Policies and Procedures
2.4        Park and Recreation System Master Plan
2.5        Strategic Plan
3.4.2     Community Relations Plan
3.4.3     Marketing Plan
3.6        Records Management Policy and Procedures
3.6.1     Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Plan and Procedures
4.1        Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual
4.1.2     Recruitment Process
4.1.8     Compensation Plan
4.3        Job Analyses for Job Descriptions
4.5        Workforce Health and Wellness Program
4.6.1     Employee Training and Development Program
5.1.1     Comprehensive Revenue Policy
6.1        Recreation Programming Plan
6.2        Program Objectives
6.4        Community Education for Leisure Process
7.1        Parkland Acquisition Procedures
7.2        Area and Facilities Development Policies and Procedures
7.5        Maintenance and Operations Management Standards
7.5.1     Facility Legal Requirements
7.9.1     Recycling and/or Zero Waste Plan
8.5        General Security Plan
8.6.2     Emergency Risk Communications Plan
9.1        Risk Management Policy
10.4      Needs Assessment
10.5.1   Recreation and Leisure Trends Analysis

Suggested evidence of compliance: Provide the agency review schedule for the document, program, policy or procedure referenced in the enumerated standards.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

Assuming no changes in laws occur necessitating a more frequent review, the following schedule demonstrates the Park District's timetable for review of documents:

StandardMinimum Review FrequencyProof of Review and/or Approval
1.4.1 - Agency Goals and ObjectivesAnnually (w/ Performance Measurement Report)01.04.01_2014-Performance-Measurement-Report.pdf
1.6.1 - Administrative Policies and ProceduresEvery 2 years (w/ Policy Manual)01.02.00_Policy-Manual-Approval-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
2.4 - Park & Recreation System Master PlanAnnually01.02.00_Comprehensive-Plan-Approved-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
2.5 - Strategic PlanAnnually02.05.00_Strategic-Plan-Review-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
3.4.2 - Community Relations PlanEvery 3 years03.04.02_Community-Relations-and-Marketing-Plan.pdf
3.4.3 - Marketing PlanEvery 3 years03.04.03_Community-Relations-and-Marketing-Plan.pdf
3.6 - Records Management Policy and ProceduresEvery 2 years (w/ Policy Manual)01.02.00_Policy-Manual-Approval-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
3.6.1 - Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Plan and ProceduresEvery 3 Years03.06.01_Records-Management-Plan-Review-Memo.pdf
4.1 - Personnel Policies and Procedure ManualEvery 2 Years (w/ Policy Manual)01.02.00_Policy-Manual-Approval-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
4.1.2 - Recruitment ProcessEvery 2 Years04.01.02_Memo-Regarding-Recruitment-Procedures-Review.pdf
4.1.8 - Compensation PlanEvery 10 Years01.02.00_Compensation-Plan-Review-at-July-2013-Board-Meeting.pdf
4.3 - Job Analyses for Job DescriptionsEvery 3 Years01.02.00_Confirmation-of-Job-Analysis-at-July-2013-Board-Meeting.pdf
4.5 - Workforce Health and WellnessAnnually
(w/ Performance Measures)
4.6.1 - Employee Training and Development ProgramAnnually01.02.00_2015-Training-Calendar.pdf
5.1.1 - Comprehensive Revenue PolicyEvery 2 years (w/ Policy Manual)01.02.00_Policy-Manual-Approval-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
6.1 - Recreation Programming PlanEvery Year01.02.00_Recreation-Plan-Update-Memo.pdf
6.2 - Program ObjectivesEvery Year01.02.00_Recreation-Plan-Update-Memo.pdf
6.4 - Community Education for Leisure ProcessEvery 3 Years01.02.00_Community-Education-for-Leisure-Process-Review.pdf
7.1 - Parkland Acquisition ProceduresEvery 2 Years01.02.00_Land-Acquisition-Review-with-CIP.pdf
7.2 - Areas and Facility Development Policies and ProceduresEvery 2 Years (w/ Policy Manual)01.02.00_Policy-Manual-Approval-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
7.5 - Maintenance and Operations Management StandardsEvery 3 Years07.05.00_Grounds-Operations-Update-Memo.pdf
7.5.1 - Facility Legal RequirementsEvery 2 Years01.02.00_Procedures-for-Facility-Licenses-Permits-and-Inspections.pdf
7.9.1 - Recycling and/or Zero Waste PlanEvery 3 Years08.05.00_General-Security-Plan-Review.pdf
8.5 - General Security PlanEvery 3 Years08.05.00_General-Security-Plan-Review.pdf
8.6.2 - Emergency Risk Communications PlanEvery 3 Years01.02.00_Crisis-Communication-Plan-Approval-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
9.1 - Risk Management PolicyEvery 2 Years (w/ Policy Manual)01.02.00_Policy-Manual-Approval-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
10.4 - Needs AssessmentEvery 5 Years01.02.00_Needs-Assessment-Review-at-August-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf
10.5.1 - Recreation and Leisure Trends AnalysisEvery 10 Years01.02.00_Comprehensive-Plan-Approved-at-December-2014-Board-Meeting.pdf