7.10 - Maintenance Personnel Assignment Procedures

Standard:  The agency shall have procedures for the assignment of competent personnel with clearly defined duties for routine maintenance, repairs, and improvement of areas, facilities, and equipment, including responsibility for general cleanliness and overall attractiveness.  Effective maintenance of grounds and facilities requires the selection, training, and supervision of workers in a wide variety of tasks ranging from seasonal laborers to skilled trades.  Supervisory staff must be able to focus on maintenance management, such as workload control, as well as supervise the technical details of maintenance work.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide examples of methods used by the agency to assign staff.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 12 – Physical Resource Management, pp. 254 and 259; Chapter 13 – Management Operations, pp. 284 and 295.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The task of assigning competent maintenance personnel begins with hiring and training competent personnel.  Park District Maintenance Job Descriptions1 demonstrate the variety of supervisors and workers the Park District employees, including the required and recommended skills with each position, to ensure quality parks & facilities.  Trainings are offered on a variety of topics specific to park & facility maintenance to ensure that staff .  Examples include Hearing Protection Training2, Driver's Challenge3, Driving Backup Training4, Ergonomics & Back Safety Training5, Lifting, Ladder Use, and Chop Saw Use Training6, and Statements of Admission Training7.

Supervisory staff are responsible for workload control and assigning work orders to technicians, specialists, and seasonal maintenance staff.  Procedures for Assigning Maintenance Personnel8 outlines the areas that each supervisor and their corresponding staff will be responsible for.  This division allows for more specialization of skills. The Procedures on Work Order Assignments in MicroMain9 describes the process to assign and complete work orders in the Park District's maintenance work order software.


  1. 07.10.00_Park-District-Maintenance-Job-Descriptions.pdf
  2. 07.10.00_Hearing-Protection-Training.pdf
  3. 07.10.00_Drivers-Challenge.pdf
  4. 07.10.00_Driver-Backing-Training.pdf
  5. 07.10.00_Ergonomics-and-Back-Safety.pdf
  6. 07.10.00_Lifting-Ladder-Safety-Chop-Saw-Training.pdf
  7. 07.10.00_Statements-of-Admissions-Training.pdf
  8. 07.10.00_Procedures-for-Assigning-Maintenance-Personnel.pdf
  9. 07.10.00_Procedures-on-Work-Order-Assignments-in-MicroMain.pdf

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