7.5.2 - Preventative Maintenance Plan

Standard: There shall be a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan to provide periodic, scheduled inspections, assessment and repair, and replacement of   infrastructure, systems and assets. This includes certifying, checking or testing for optimum operation based on applicable industry standards, local guidelines, city requirements and/or manufacturer's recommendation for maintenance and replacement of parks, with the intent to ensure that park assets are maintained for optimum use and safety and have the ability to reach or extend its full life cycle and expected return on investment.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide the preventative maintenance plan and examples of detailed preventative maintenance programs for identified parks, recreation areas and facilities with special attention given to playground equipment, aquatic facilities, pedestrian pathways, building infrastructure and other high impact assets, along with copies of completed, recent inspections and safety checks for a sampling of facilities/areas.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

DPRAC - 3.2.3 - Regularly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Agency Self Assessment: MET