5.3.2 - Position Authorization Procedures

Standard:  The agency shall have established procedures for maintaining control over the number and type of authorized filled and vacant positions to ensure that persons on the payroll are legally employed and that positions are in accordance with budget authorizations.

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide the position authorization procedures and budgeted positions.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District of Oak Park has procedures in place regarding the recruitment and hiring processes to ensure that all positions are in accordance with budget allocations and that all persons on payroll are legally employed.  Per the Procedures for Employee Recruitment1, prior to beginning the recruitment process, hiring supervisors must gain authorization from at least one supervisor (depending on the type of position being filled) to ensure that the position is truly needed and in line with the current budget.

Once the position is advertised and an applicant is selected, the Park District has procedures regarding completing hiring documentation and pre-employment screenings in the Procedures for Applicant Selection and Hiring2 and Procedures for Employment Screening. The Park District also has Procedures for Entering New Employees into Park District Systems4, as well as Procedures for Reporting New Employees to the State of Illinois5 Department of Employee Security. These steps ensure that the Park District can confirm that someone is legally employed.


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