4.1.11 - Disciplinary System

Standard:  There shall be an established disciplinary system based on the code of conduct and performance. The system shall specify the conduct expected of employees.   Prohibitions should be specific, whereas approved behavior may be stated in general terms (e.g., courtesy, punctuality).  

Suggested Evidence of Compliance: Provide the code of conduct and performance and the policies and procedures that guide the disciplinary system and how this information is communicated and made accessible to employees. Include copies of disciplinary action steps included in collective bargaining agreements, if applicable. This system shall address the following topics:

  1. Compliance with agency statements;
  2. Unbecoming conduct;
  3. Appropriate appearance;
  4. Use of alcohol and drugs;
  5. Acceptance of gratuities, bribes, or rewards;
  6. Abuse of authority; and
  7. Proper care and maintenance of equipment.

Informational reference in the Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, (2010), 3rd Ed., Chapter 16 – Human Resource Employment, pp 423-427.

Agency Evidence of Compliance:

The Park District of Oak Park strives to make expectations of staff as clear as possible in order to prevent disciplinary issues from occurring whenever possible. The first step includes an Orientation Presentation1 for all new staff to introduce them to the Park District and its policies, procedures, and services offered to the community, including some of the agency's important performance expectations.  "The Hub" is home to all of the Park District's policies, procedures, manuals, job descriptions, and other important information.  All staff have access to The Hub2 from any device with internet access and a browser and have the ability to use the easy search tool to quickly find the specific information needed.  

The Compliance with Policies in Performance of Duties Policy3 requires employees to comply with all policies and procedures established by the Park District. Any corrective action that needs to be taken by the Park District is guided by the Disciplinary Actions Policy4, which includes the disciplinary actions that supervisors may take as well as the specific reasons for disciplinary action. Additional policies further outline specific expectations in the Employee Conduct Section of the Personnel Policies5.

The Park District's Union Contract6 further outlines expectations and disciplinary actions specifically for collective bargaining unit employees.


  1. 04.01.11_Orientation-Presentation.pdf
  2. Screenshot of The Hub (below)
  3. 04.01.11_Compliance-with-Policies-in-Performance-of-Duties-Policy.pdf
  4. 04.01.11_Disciplinary-Actions-Policy.pdf
  5. 04.01.11_Employee-Conduct-Section-of-the-Personnel-Policies.pdf
  6. 04.01.11_Union-Contract.pdf

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